A well-known YouTube competitive eater recently stopped in Twin Falls to attempt a couple of records at area eateries. Her latest record breaking effort took place at a familiar Shoshone Street restaurant. 

If you've never heard the name Raina Huang, she's a competitive eater whose YouTube channel has amassed nearly a half-million subscribers. Earlier in the month she took part in a challenge at the 2nd South Market in Twin Falls. A small crowd of locals gathered to watch her slay another challenge.

Another of her conquests this month was the "Train Wreck Breakfast Challenge" at the Depot Grill, at 545 Shoshone Street South. Her plate of food contained six massive pancakes, a generous helping of scrambled eggs and a large, fried meat patty. She achieved the record in 10- minutes, and 16-seconds. A man sitting next to her with the same amount of food on his plate had barely finished half by the time Huang took her last bite of pancake.


Huang has been in Idaho for weeks, and also stopped recently at Boise's West Side Drive-In to attempt another record. The video was uploaded to her channel on April 23. The effort was part of the "All Idaho Food Challenge."

It's so great she stopped in the Gem State to pay these fine restaurants a visit. I've never understood how competitive eaters stay in such great shape. When they're not eating, they must live in the gym.

Congratulations Raina! Safe travels to your next conquest.

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