With the recent release of Stranger Things 3 on Netflix, select Baskin Robbins locations in the U.S. are showing the insanely popular, Sci-Fi series, some flavor love.

Baskin Robbins and Scoops Ahoy, the fictitious ice cream parlor featured in the new season, have partnered this summer for some promotional fun for fans of the show. Having seen all three seasons as of last week, I admit, I'm a Stranger Things mega fan. One of things I most enjoyed about season three were the hilarious interactions between "Steve Harrington," played by actor Joe Keery, and the management and customers at this cheesy (in a good way), fake establishment.

Twin Falls Production

I phoned the Twin Falls shop on Blue Lakes to see if the staff would be dawning sailor hats anytime soon. Unfortunately, no dice. But a very chipper staffer did tell me that they will be celebrating National Ice Cream Day on July 21 by offering two pre-packaged quarts of ice cream for just $7.99.

There are currently Stranger Things / Scoops Ahoy pop-up trucks traveling to select locations. For a look at the current stops, click here.

Hopefully, the Scoops Ahoy truck will pull into Twin Falls before the mind flayer arrives.

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