This is funny, scary and educating. Watch this video of a guy who comes across a Grizzly bear mom and her two cubs on a trail. This is amazing.

You have to admire the way this guy kept his cool. You never want to turn your back to a bear. You also don't want to panic. But, you also don't want to let the bear catch up to you, because that rarely ends well.

I was laughing at his commentary. He's hoping/praying that the cubs will stop walking so fast. The mama bear seems completely fine with everything. Any mom that has tried to keep up with two kids will appreciate that challenge.

This video should serve as a tutorial of how you handle a situation like this. Fortunately, this guy walked away and lived to tell about it. Always being aware of how to safely deal with bear encounters is vital when you live where we do. The Idaho Trails Association has some great tips.

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