Every single year man, people go to Yellowstone and other national parks and get too dang close to the wildlife. Case in point, this touron right here decided she wanted to get close enough to these grizzlies that she could almost touch them. If you know anything about her, please contact authorities.

Park Rangers of Yellowstone are investigating the incident that happened on May 10th of this year at approximately 4:45 pm. The unidentified woman decided she was going to approach this female grizzly and her cubs. The grizzly charged the woman who walked away. I am not sure how she just walked away. I would have run like the wind as fast as I could.

This happened at Roaring Mountain and the woman is described as in her mid 30s with brown hair. If you have any information they do ask that you call or text 888-653-0009 you can also go online or email them at nps_isb@nps.gov.

Yellowstone officials also reminded everyone that even though you can't guarantee that you are safe in the park, there are some pretty easy ways to make sure you do. Don't get too close to wildlife is probably the biggest thing.

Thankfully this story ended up with no one getting hurt and a woman learning her lesson, I hope. National parks are great places to recreate but remember you are in these creatures homes. They live there and we need to be respectful of that. I am really glad this didn't turn into tragedy.

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