Today, I thought I had reached the point where no one could show me a video of Shoshone Falls from a perspective I had not seen before. I was very wrong.

There's not much for me to add other than WHAT KIND OF DRONE DO YOU OWN AND CAN I HAVE ONE?

Calming down now. Maybe. This is a seriously impressive video. I mean - WOW. I'm not sure how many hundred feet the video was taken from, but I have never seen Shoshone Falls captured from that height - ever.

So, this is what 17,000 cubic-feet-of-water-per-second looks like from a mile in the sky? Love it.

I know you're probably like me (except that you paid attention in school and made something of yourself), but even if you think you're tired of all the Shoshone Falls videos, watch this one.

Congrats to YouTube channel idahoblaster for nailing the best waterfall video I've seen so far.

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