I've said it on-air many times, I'm not the world's biggest fan of drones. But when someone manages to cautiously, and respectfully, capture footage that show cases the beauty of nature, well then I can't help but take a few minutes out of my day to marvel in it.

There are two things that compliment the Christmas season best to me. The first is a crackling fire, followed closely by snow-covered pine trees. One of my earliest childhood memories was visiting Southern California's Big Bear Lake during the winter. While we did lose the family dog in a snow storm during the outing--we never did hear from Fremda again--I still recall exploring the snowy wilderness with my mother and older brother.

I've made no secret about my disliking of drones. According to a 2016 study found on the website Business Insider, the majority of drone-related accidents are caused by mechanical failure, and not the person at the controls. The issue I have with drones, is that people are allowed to pilot them just about anywhere, and I think more restrictions should be in place.

Now if your out in central Idaho--miles from any airport or large city--and are using your drone to not only capture the beauty of your surroundings, but also to scout for a potential Christmas tree, than I'm totally down with that.

Minus the frenetic soundtrack to this footage, it's hard to not enjoy what this family captured last year near Smiths Ferry while in search of their holiday tree.


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