Did you see Tesla in Boise on July 19? If not, never fear. There's one guy who recorded the whole dang thing on his phone and has now shared it with the world.

I remember in the old days (Editors Note: alert, old man about to tell a story) you couldn't take a camera into a concert without getting body tackled by security. If you even looked like you were recording something, SWAT teams descended from the ceiling and hauled you off to a concert prison somewhere. Now, with smartphones, no worries. Record away.

Thank you, Jack Schweinberg. Well played, sir. Thanks to you and your Samsung Galaxy S8+ smartphone, all of us can now watch the Tesla concert that happened at the Revolution Center in Boise on July 19.

Tesla has been celebrating the 31st anniversary of their legendary "Mechanical Resonance" album with a mighty tour. Yes, that's the album with the classics "Modern Day Cowboy", "Little Suzi", etc. They are one of the few 80's bands who really haven't lost their edge and still sound awesome today. Quite a few of their original members are still around and they're a highly-recommended show if they land near you again anytime soon.

Until then, we can all just soak in the Boise show thanks to Jack Schweinberg and his Samsung phone.

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