This video of a Burley to Wyoming haul might not seem all that exciting but there  are some observations worth noting.

First off, I didn't realize that there was a Youtube Channel dedicated to live-streaming and archiving truck routes. While I don't picture myself being a frequent flyer on this channel, for reasons I can't explain, I like knowing it's there.

There's also a couple things I picked up from watching this:

  • There are a lot of potholes and road damage from all the flooding.
  • People don't use their blinkers as often as they should. A number of cars passed this truck, which isn't unusual. But aren't you supposed to signal whenever you need to cross the line?
  • Finally, I don't know who this trucker is but he has one of the cleanest windshields I've ever seen.

Aside from those few things, the video isn't very exciting.  But maybe you noticed something I didn't. Leave a comment and let me know if I missed anything.

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