Yes, this actually happened in southwest Idaho back in August and September of 2013. On multiple occasions, a Boise man dressed up in a dog costume and gave a cat a bone.

In a case that, unfortunately for the state of Idaho, made national headlines, a 28-year-old guy named Ryan Tannenholz was charged with six counts of crimes against nature, and a count of animal cruelty.

To prove this story put Idaho in a temporarily twisted and disturbing national spotlight, the New York Daily News shared details of the 2013 case. Tannenholz was (maybe still is) a member of the "Furry" community. This means, he enjoyed dressing up in an animal costume and attending parties with other costume-dawning individuals, which usually end in sexual acts being performed.

There is no doubt, the summer of 2013 was a strange one for the Boise Police Department. I'm sure that when officers get to talking with one another about the weirdest cases they've ever been involved in, the name Ryan Tannenholz has to come up.

But we haven't even gotten to the strange, and unsettling part of the story. According to details of the case, Ryan, on more than one instance, carried out sexual acts with his cat. Not someone dressed as a cat mind you, but an actual purring, milk-lapping kitty.

I'm hoping, for the sake of humanity, that the department hasn't investigated a case like this since. It's one thing to dress in costume and attend an orgy--hell, people have been doing that since the times of Emperor Tiberius, possible going back to prehistoric days--but to slip into an animal costume and commence to performing an act of bestiality, well, that takes a truly, mentally-plagued individual.

We hope Ryan has turned things around. And for any cats that might still live in close proximity to Ryan, remember this, real dogs don't walk upright on two legs and have removable heads. Just puttin' it out there.



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