In the real world Christmas isn't all candy canes and minty hot cocoa - Christmas can be a pretty stressful day! If you're like most people, you'll make it through Christmas morning just fine. It's the afternoon that brings out our inner 'I don't give and Elf' anger!

Two-thirds of people say there's absolutely no way their family will get through the day without an argument.  Here are the top eight things families fight about during the holidays.



  1. Who gets to control the TV remote.
  2. Who has to wash the dishes.
  3. Cheating at board games.
  4. What to eat for Christmas dinner.
  5. How the tree should be decorated.
  6. How the house should be decorated.
  7. Who has to cook dinner.
  8. Bad Christmas presents.

And in case you're wondering - the most likely time you'll be fighting is at 3:18pm on Christmas maybe take a nap at 3.

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