A video of two Yellowstone Bison going head to head is currently exploding online. It's mating season right now, and some of the animals aren't tolerating any fellow Bison-blocking.

A recent video shot by a passenger in Yellowstone National Park is a good reminder of the importance of remaining in your car this time of year when approaching these massive creatures. If you are heading there soon, I don't recommend attempting any selfies with these animals.

I am actually heading to Yellowstone this afternoon (August 13) for four days of park touring. The last time I was there was 2010, and it was in the winter. We took a snowmobile trip through the park and had to pull off to the side to allow a pack of Bison to pass us. It was one of the coolest experiences of my life.

bison snow
Greg Jannetta - My trip to Yellowstone in 2010.

I have absolutely no intention of getting anywhere near these animals on this upcoming trip. As there are every summer, there have already been several incidents involving tourists trying to get too close to Yellowstone park animals. In mid-July of this year, a video of a woman who exited her car and nearly got mauled by a bear went viral.

People have to remember that these animals are capable of inflicting enormous injuries to those that don't follow park rules on animal interaction. Admire their beauty from afar, and leave the park in one piece. Furthermore, don't expect any help from fellow tourists if you do find yourself the target of a wild animal, because they'll be too busy recording you.

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