Between my wife and I, our movie collection (Christmas included) is absurd. If it weren't for sports and the news, we would probably never watch basic cable. It's all about Netflix and Blue-rays at our place.

There are people--take my father for instance--that don't particularly care for these newfangled, fancy methods in which we now enjoy television. Some folks are perfectly happy with nine channels and a picture that isn't in the same vicinity of high-definition.

For the rabbit-ear-rockers, and 25-inch-screen gawkers out there, you can still find your favorite Christmas programs--with commercial interruptions every four minutes included--airing throughout the Christmas holiday.

Here are a few "oldies but goodies" : (odds are these people don't have Internet either, so pass along if you will)

How The Grinch Stole Christmas (1966)   Tonight / TNT /  9:45p (link to info)

Meet Me In St Louis (1944)                        Sat, Dec 23 / TCM / 12a (link to info)

Christmas Vacation (1989)                         Sat, Dec 23 / ABC / 7a (link to info)

Miracle on 34th Street (1947)                     Sat, Dec 23 / AMC / 8a (link to info)

White Christmas (1954)                              Sat, Dec 23 / AMC / 10:15a (link to info)

The Bishop's Wife (1947)                           Sun, Dec 24 / TCM / 8a (link to info)

A Christmas Story (1983)                           Sun, Dec 24 / TNT / 10p (link to info)


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