Walmart, like many stores, puts out an annual list of its most sold items. It just so happens that in our home the one item we need to buy every time we go shopping is the superstore's number one top seller.

I know not everyone shops at Walmart. My wife and I do, which is mainly because they sell the wine she likes at a very cheap price. Our son likes to walk the toy aisle also, and we usually cave on something he asks for.

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Grocery lists are an absolute must. If I don't write it down, odds are I'll forget to buy the top three items that were most needed. Every shopper has that one thing that always requires restocking in the home. Tortillas, frozen chicken breast, and soup go very quickly in our home, but neither is our number one grocery item we have rung up every trip out.

Bananas are by far the one thing that we must leave the store with. It's the only fruit our son will eat. Bananas have also been Walmart's (and other stores) top-selling item for more than a decade, according to

The other thing that weirdly attracts us to the store is the myriad of interesting characters that scan and bag our groceries. The adventure begins once you set that first item on the conveyor belt.

Here's my question to you Twin Falls. What's the ONE thing that you automatically know you need every time you go to the store?

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