We watch a lot of cooking shows at our house. From time to time in the kitchen we do borrow ideas from these programs, but when we camp in the mountains of Idaho, I'm not really trying to win a Michelin Star.

A recent video upload to YouTube by a couple of Idaho backcountry explorers has inspired me to elevate my game when it comes to campfire cooking. Even the plating is decent. I also like the camping tote conversion to a dinner table. This guy should send a video to the producers of MasterChef; he might have a shot at winning.

I do the majority of the cooking when my family camps. However, my meals never look like the ones featured on the YouTube channel of Unchartedestinations. Barbeque ribs, mashed potatoes and green beans would make any camping party overjoyed to be served. My camping potatoes usually come out of a bag in powder form, but we do grill steak and chicken regularly.

The meal isn't the only beautiful thing about the 15-minute upload shared in July. The video also takes its viewers on a trip out to Kirkham Hot Springs, located 194 miles northwest of Twin Falls. Talk about an amazing Idaho gem.

So, that brings me to the point at which I have to ask this question. What is the fanciest thing you've ever cooked while camping in Idaho? My compliments to the chef in this video by the way.

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