This past Tuesday I went to the movies with my boss (Brad Weiser) and my co-worker (Nate Bird).  If was a bit strange, it was forced, and we had separate snacks.

I do have a space bubble, but if this wasn't for work, I don't know I'd be hanging out with my co-workers outside of work.  It just creates drama.

That's how I feel at least and it comes from experience.  For example, when I lived in Florida, my roommate was another co-worker at the radio station I worked at there.  For awhile everything was sunshine and lollipops.  Then she stopped paying rent.  Needless to say she still owes me over $700 and I moved out.

That may be an extreme example, but I do work hard and I do need a break from people.  Plus if I hang out with work people, won't we just wind up talking about work?  And everyone needs a break now and then.  Also, when I'm here, I'm Kendra Wolfe, but when I go home and chill with my real friends I'm a wife to a hot fish farmer!

So that's my take on it, but what about you?  Answer our poll:

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