You voted and you elected Week Thirteen's Repeat on Repeat It Or Delete It. This week it was REPEAT The Barking Owls VS. The Reptilians.

The winner for this week is The Barking Owls!

Holy crap!  Again, Again, Again, The Barking Owls will be repeated.  The Owls took the lead and won with 78.05% of the votes.

The Barking Owls 2
The Barking Owls,

The Barking Owls are back to fight again this Wednesday at 7PM (October 24th after the BSU Coach's Show at 6PM) & Saturday at 6PM (October 27th, following the BSU Football game) to take on James Hess.  Can The Barking Owls pull off another win?

Luckily, you do all the voting!

Here’s how it’s going down this year:

  • The show will air Wednesdays at 6PM (Unless there is a BSU Coach's show, then the show will air at 7PM) and Saturdays at 6PM (Unless there is a BSU Football game) on 98.3 The Snake
  • If you miss the show, you will be able to hear it right here on this website following the show airing.
  • Weekly voting will start on Wednesday morning at 12:01AM and End at Midnight on the following Monday.
  • There will be no voting on Tuesdays. I will use Tuesdays to calculate the votes and tell you who will be REPEATED and who will be DELETED.
  • We are playing local and regional bands. To me a regional band is an unsigned artist/band that has played in the Magic Valley.
  • Every song is completely original, no covers will be played.
  • All voting will be done on the Snake VIP Club, so make sure you’re a member!
  • Band order was randomly chosen.

Is your favorite band on Repeat It Or Delete It? Find this year's line up at this link.

Thank you for supporting local music! And thank you to all the bands on Repeat It Or Delete It!

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