An all-female, Led Zeppelin cover band, is coming to Cactus Petes Resort Casino this January.

The hard-rocking women of one of the country's preeminent Led Zeppelin cover bands, Zepparella, have a pair of shows to kick of 2020 in Jackpot, Nevada. According to the resort's official website, they will perform two shows at Cactus Petes Resort Casino on January 24 and 25.

Zepparella's performance of "When The Levee Breaks," a Led Zeppelin cover that was released in 1971, really shows just how incredible this band is. With more than 15 million views since the cover was uploaded to YouTube in 2010, it's obvious that many others are enjoying the music these women are blasting out.

With powerful vocals by lead singer Anna Kristina, accompanied by tremendous guitar and drums, these women are as good--if not better-- than most Zeppelin cover bands in the country.

Cactus Petes Gala Showroom will host Zepparella for both performances, with start times listed as 9PM (Jan 24) and 8PM (Jan 25) MT. Leading up to the shows in January, the women will be touring throughout the Western United States, with stops in Oregon, California and Washington.

The band is also available for private bookings, either together as Zepparella, or as solo performers. For more details regarding their upcoming shows in Jackpot, you can visit Cactus Petes Resort Casino's Facebook page.

There are currently more than 58,000 subscribers to the band's YouTube channel, where you can hear more of their covers, as well as some backstage footage with the ladies.



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