Ghost kitchens are popping up all over the place. They are franchises that are using other restaurants' brick-and-mortar locations to help sling out food and share in the profits. Twin Falls has at least 10 ghost kitchens that we have been able to find.

It is nice to have options. The more food the better in my opinion. These restaurants you may not know existed. Most of these places you can only order through a delivery service or as pick up.

  • 1

    Wow Bao

    This dumpling restaurant is working out of Sizzler in Twin Falls. Dumplings and other Asian food are a little lacking in the area. This was the first one I heard about.

  • 2

    The Meltdown

    This one is located out of Denny's. This place serves hot sandwiches and burgers. The patty melt looks really good if you ask me.

  • 3

    It's Just Wings

    You can probably guess what they serve based on the name. They have pretty good wings and they serve curly fries with them. This one is located out of Chili's.

  • 4

    Cosmic Wings

    This one has to be pretty new, I just came across this one. This place serves chicken wings out of Applebee's.

  • 5

    Famous Dave's BBQ

    I am pretty sure everyone has heard of Famous Dave's before. They are serving their barbecue out of Johnny Carino's. It is a little weird to think that barbecue is coming out of an Italian kitchen but I bet it is delicious.

  • 6

    Coco's Famous Burgers

    Again, you can probably guess what they serve here. The burgers look fantastic online. They are slinging burgers out of Shari's.

  • 7

    The Wing Dept

    I am surprised we have so many wings options. This chicken wing place is out of Red Robin.

  • 8

    Donato's Pizza

    Edge-to-edge pizza full of toppings, this place is serving out of Red Robin as well. You can actually order in the brick-and-mortar location for this place.

  • 9

    Mr. Beast Burger

    They serve pressed burgers out of Red Robin. They have different named burgers after different people in their family. Their fries look good too.

  • 10

    Chicken Sammy

    This one is also located out of Red Robin. Red Robin must have some great diverse cooks. They have chicken sandwiches, I know, shocking. Also looks very good.

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