I'm loving it! McDonald's has announced that call in and delivery orders will be available at restaurant locations.

This is huge - now when you want some killer delicious fries and a Shamrock Shake it may just be a phone call away. Fortune.com made the announcement on their site today and also revealed a tentative timeline for this addition to all that McDees has to offer. The plan is to have their 'mobile order and pay' in all stores by this Fall.

We sent an email to Bill Kyle, owner of Twin Falls McDonalds, and he told us that the Blue Lakes and new Kimberly locations are already wired for self order kiosks and he has a meeting in Chicago next month where he hopes to learn more about incorporating the delivery and phone orders into the Twin Falls market.

Hopefully this happens McQuick in Twin Falls, because I could go for some McDees Delivereez asap!

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