No one is happy that we are in a coronavirus pandemic. I really don't like working from home and I don't like being afraid to touch doors or hang out with friends. But, I have to admit that society has never been more ready for a stay-at-home order. A lot of us are luck enough to be able to do pretty much everything we need to do from the comfort of our home. I know people who have still only left their house to buy groceries. With the internet and delivery services there really isn't a need to leave the house very much.

Idahoans are using their time at home in different ways but we know that a lot of us are watching Rick and Morty and heading out on small adventures on Southern Idaho's easy trails. A lot of Idahoans have been using the internet to learn how to spell properly and wishing we lived in a more pandemic friendly house with a swimming pool or basketball court. Also, we've been ordering a lot of cheese pizzas.

Nathan Bird
Nathan Bird

Yelp has gathered the information on what each state is ordering the most for delivery and Idaho falls into the most basic category of foods. They say cheese pizza is our popular food order. I have nothing against cheese pizza, but there are so many options now that you can basically get food ordered from any restaurant you want. Even a less generic pizza topping would be less disappointing.

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