Thanks to the delivery app DoorDash, Idahoans can now get their favorite booze delivered straight to their door. It can be from restaurants or even grocery stores. Whatever you want, as long as you are willing to pay for it, you can get it delivered.

DoorDash has a toggle on the app now that allows you to choose alcohol delivery options. You can select what alcohol you would like delivered to your door from your favorite restaurant, the liquor store, local retailers or even the grocery store. Cheers to that!

In order to complete the order however, you need to upload a picture of your ID proving that you are of legal age to purchase alcohol. Apparently this is going to be a one time thing as long as your ID is uploaded with your birthday visible. The delivery driver will also verify your ID at the door before handing you the order. So no sneaky teens can try to purchase alcohol or have it delivered.

Idaho is not the only state that will be allowing delivery of alcohol. Other states like California, New York, Washington, Arizona, Texas and Oregon are all part of the list that is getting longer.

Safety precautions will also be in place so the delivery driver does not have access to someone's ID after the order has been delivered and everything but the birthdate is blurred so it can't be duplicated.

Read all about how they are making the delivery options safe here.

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