In the Magic Valley, we love making top 5 lists. It helps our self esteem to know that someone is thinking about us. If you agree, then you'll be happy to know two of our towns are on another top 5 list. And, this time, it has a lot to do with how redneck we are.

Roadsnacks has declared that Burley and Jerome are about as redneck as it gets. Burley came in at #2 in the entire redneck state of Idaho while Jerome landed at #5.

Why do we deserve such a righteous honor? According to Roadsnacks, they computed the number of high school graduates in small Idaho towns. Plus, they included factors like number of bars, mobile homes, tobacco, places to get fishing gear, etc.

Don't take this in a bad way. As a matter of fact, we're so proud of being on this redneck list, we'll be glad to show you around our Walmart. I guarantee this is the best video you'll see today that features Prestone anti-freeze on sale.

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