If burgers are your thing, you picked the right part of America to live in. According to a brand new list, 2 of the best burgers in the country are a day trip from Idaho.

You can thank Thrillist for this one. They calculated the top 100 burgers in America. If you look at the top 10, you'll notice 2 that are not that far from here. #1 is "Nick's Cheeseburger with Grilled Onions" at Stanich's in Portland.

Down the list at #4 is a burger that's just up the coast from Nick's. It's the Tavern Burger from Loretta's Northwesterner in Seattle.

One peculiar reason for Nick's cheeseburger being called out for #1 is the fact that Stanich's has been in Oregon since 1949. I had no idea that burgers needed to age like a fine wine. I guess it's true that you do learn something every day.

Check out the full Thrillist list to get your burger love on.

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