Valentine's Day is past, but there's always a place for love in Idaho. Right? Hello?

The latest lists from the super-geniuses that come up with lists claim they know the most romantic place in Idaho. The reason they give is beyond puzzling. Brace yourself for this one.

You would think that Travel and Leisure would know a thing or two about romantic places. But, I'm afraid you'd be wrong. On the surface, it doesn't sound like such a bad suggestion. They say Sun Valley is the most romantic place in Idaho. OK, fine. Maybe if you're the one who's charging someone $50 for a cheeseburger, that would be romantic for that person.

No, the reason they think Sun Valley is so romantic is Ernest Hemingway. A little history lesson: Ernest Hemingway did not have a happy ending in Sun Valley.

My other issue with this recommendation is that Sun Valley isn't an attainable destination for many people. My family stopped near Sun Valley while sightseeing and, as I recall, it cost us a small bank investment to get some sodas and candy bars for the kids.

I would bet my bottom dollar that Travel and Leisure didn't intend on using the end of Ernest Hemingway's life as a romantic selling point for Sun Valley. But, I can think of at least a zillion more romantic places in Idaho. Cabin in Stanley? Sign me up for that. Dinner overlooking Snake River Canyon? Awesome. Heck, I'd rather pet the zebras at Zoo Boise than lose my shirt in Sun Valley, but that's just me.

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