For Idaho fans of beloved writer Ernest Miller Hemingway (1899-1961), the next time you're traveling through the Sun Valley area you have to make a point to stop at a saloon that is still operating and was a favorite watering hole of the nature-loving author.

Ernest Hemingway fit right in when he first settled in Ketchum, which is located approximately 85 miles north of Twin Falls. He was a burly outdoorsman and avid hunter, and his celebrated work made him very popular in the Gem State.

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According to historical data, he first discovered and relocated to this enchanted region of Idaho sometime in the 1930s. Just a couple of years prior to his 1961 death, he purchased a property that is still visited by a large number of fans every year.

I've pulled off in Ketchum numerous times to visit sites Hemingway once made a habit of spending time at. Most of my adventures within the quaint community happened on my way home from camping in the Stanley area. In 2021, I walked the Hemingway Memorial Trail and paid a visit to the man's gravesite.

One of the author's favorite places to pull up a bar stool was the Pioneer Saloon. I poked my head in during that summer visit and instantly discovered why so many people enjoy gathering there. They have a number of Hemingway artifacts hanging on the wall, including the Winchester shotgun he used to hunt in the area.

As a fan of books and an author myself, I highly recommend you stop in, grab a cold one, and take in the ambiance.

Hemingway's Ketchum Gravesite; Greg Jannetta
Hemingway Memorial Trail in Sun Valley; Greg Jannetta

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