We tend to be very creative with our food choices in Idaho. Yes, creative is the word I'm looking for. But, that creativity can also quickly lead to the land of gross if we're not careful. According to one new list, there is one Idaho food that is the grossest of all.

Give yourself a cookie if you said sturgeon eggs. According to Thrillist, that's the one thing some Idahoans choose to actually put on their plate and eventually digest. I wouldn't attempt eating sturgeon eggs even at gunpoint, but Thrillist says they taste like this:

It apparently tastes like popping a salty miniature balloon full of fish goop and butter in your mouth.

The butter part sounds fine, but I'm gonna take a pass on that balloon full of fish goop stuff. Excuse me while I find a restroom.

If you think the grossest Idaho food is bad, check out what our friends in Washington are consuming. What the freak is "geoduck"? Actually, I don't want to know so don't tell me.

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