I was fully aware yesterday that December 15 was "National Ugly Sweater Day," so I went store-hopping last night in search of the most foul one. The third store I walked into ended my quest...without a doubt.

I had never bought an ugly Christmas sweater before last night. Two things you will never see me doing, is wearing the color red, and wearing a sweater. I broke my own code in honor of this national charade.

I started my hunt last night at Walmart. The one sweater I was interested in only came in a XXL, and being that I weigh 175 pounds, I passed. I do tend to eat a ton over the Christmas holiday, so fitting into a XXL might actually be realistic come January.

My next stop was Macys. I quickly exited that store because spending more than $30 on an ugly sweater just wasn't something I was going to do. I didn't see anything there that was remotely as awful as the one I ended up purchasing anyway.

My last stop was Fred Myer, and before I got five feet passed the entrance, there it was. Even though I'm not a fan of the color red, this one was just too terrible to pass up. The sweater is not only red, but it has green and grey, horizontal zig zag patterns, with a sloth holding what appears to be a branch of mistletoe. And the brilliant part, is that the sloth is ALSO wearing an ugly Christmas sweater.

So, my 2017 Twin Falls winner of ugliest sweater goes to Fred Myer. In fact, come to think of it, every sweater I saw was pretty hideous.

If you wore your ugly sweater today, then good for you. If you opted not to, then I hope you have a good reason. There's always next year.

Happy National Ugly Sweater Day everyone!


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