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An unsatisfied woman who grew angry at the Little Caesars staff in Jerome earlier this week vented her frustration by throwing cheese around. I had a chance to interview someone who personally witnessed the incident.

"I was shocked that a grown woman would act like a three-year-old and throw cheese at someone," said Veronica, who wished to be identified only by her first name.

The incident took place on Wednesday (January 30) at approximately 3:30 p.m. The irate woman, who was described as being in her mid-twenties by Veronica, apparently grew upset because she felt her pizza "wasn't fresh enough." There were two employees and two other customers in the location at the time.

Several cheese dip cups were thrown by the angry woman in the direction of staff and customers. Veronica witnessed what went down along with her friend Alice. I asked Veronica how the staff handled it.

"I think she [the staff member] responded kinda surprised that cheese was thrown at her," said Veronica. "It missed and hit my friend. She [the staff member] was very apologetic and gave her free pizza."

I have to give props to the staff at the Jerome Little Caesars for handling the matter in an extremely professional manner. And I'd like to thank Veronica for sharing this story with us.

Obviously, being unsatisfied with your pizza does not give anyone the reason to behave like this.

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