Oh boy! April Fool's Day is finally here. To help you out if you have procrastinated your prank planning we have a list of easy April Fool's Day pranks you can pull at home or at work.  We have done a few small pranks on the radio in years past - like informing you about the City Defoliation plan to help ease the pain of those with allergies. The jelly bean recall due to choking hazards was a good one too. Even school bus drivers can get in on the fun by messing with the students on the way to school. I like to call April Fool's Day the "Day Of Paranoia" because you never know if you are walking into a trap or not. Here's a video of one of the ways I got my wife last year.

Obviously the easiest way to not fall for any pranks is to confine yourself to the closet and wait for it to pass...but most of us have lives and kids to take care of. I dare say the second best way to survive AFD is with an equally great defensive and offense plan. Just accept the fact that you will be had by somebody - the best recovery from a good joke is to play your own! You can even pull some pranks on your kids! So while you have a few pranks planned you also need to have a few up your sleeve for a surprise attack. Below are a few of my personal favorites.

  • Always carry a jar of Vaseline or lotion. You can put it on all sorts of surfaces - door handles, toilet seats, phone ear pieces, or anything that people regularly touch is fair game.
  • Turn off the water to the sink and toilets - nothing is funnier than messing with people in the bathroom!
  • Buy stink bombs and put them in somebody's car.
  • Switch out the sugar for salt or salt for sugar.
  • Break out some of the Halloween masks - nobody expects to see Dracula in April!
  • Mix in random printed off pictures with the copy paper and when your co-workers print off papers they will see your “work”
  • Switch their desktop background, hide the icons and start bar, and change the mouse to an hourglass.  They’ll spend a few minutes trying to figure out why their computer isn’t working.
  • Put tape over the ear or mouth piece of the desk phones – they’ll think people are prank calling them…but they really just can’t hear the other end.

The most important part of this day is to have fun and not be mean or take it personally, after all anybody who pulls a prank knows that they have to watch their back the rest of the day - so who's the real winner? Do you have any pranks?

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