I think a lot of the time I focus on pranking my co-workers and my wife. But I don't see any reason to leave the rest of the family out! Here are the 5 best April Fool's Day pranks to pull on kids.

  • Put a couple drops of food coloring in the bottom of their cup or cereal bowl. Then when you add the drink or milk it will change colors!
  • Put a drop or two of food coloring on their tooth brush, then when they brush their teeth will turn colors.
  • Give them a glass of vanilla pudding for breakfast instead of milk. You can also do this with Jell-o and tell them it is juice. Have spoons ready to make them happy once the joke is over so they can eat it.
  • When you call your kids to dinner serve the food on dishes from their toy dolls. They'll enjoy the mini-meal.
  • Cut two holes on the side of a toilet paper tube for eyes and then put a glow stick inside and hide it in the kids room where they can see it once the lights are off. This works better with older kids...unless you like having your scared kids climb into bed with you in the middle of the night.

There are more ideas at the kids activity blog.

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