Meanwhile, in Nevada, a guy tried to kill a mannequin. You can't make this stuff up.

This is actually a serious story that was first reported by the CBS TV affiliate in Las Vegas. Police were looking for someone who had killed two homeless men. They smartly deployed a male mannequin near where the murders happened. Sure enough, according to their report, Shane Allen Schindler came along and attacked it.

The problem is that authorities seem to be having trouble accusing this guy of attempted murder since mannequins aren't technically alive.

This reminds me of a stimulating Reddit conversation about whether inanimate objects can die. Ah, good times.

I remember sitting through the entire showing of the movie "Mannequin" back in 1987. Anyone who has endured movie starring Andrew McCarthy will tell you that wanting to kill a mannequin is a normal response to his acting.

What do you think? Should this guy be busted for trying to kill the mannequin or is this a subject for dummies?

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