If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our years on the Internet, it’s that there’s no aspect of comics that can’t be broken down and quantified in a single definitive list, preferably in amounts of five or ten. And since there’s no more definitive authority than ComicsAlliance, we’re taking it upon ourselves to compile Top Five lists of everything you could ever want to know about comics.

As we all know, comics, and especially superhero comics, are gratuitously violent slugfests that corrupt the morals of children by telling them that we can solve all our problems with our fists and/or lasers. As such, there have been literally tens of thousands of punches thrown across the history of the superhero, and what I have done here is diligently scoured and subsequently rated each one on a 100-point scale so that I might objectively rate the five very best, rather than just writing about five different punches that seemed especially notable to me at the time I was composing this script, which I definitely did not do. No sir. Show notes:

  • Number one is the for real number one, though, and I will brook no argument about that. Thanks to the blog 80 Page Giant for having tons of scans for me to steal use.
  • If somehow you haven't seen that Batman one, you can buy it (and the context surrounding it) here.
  • That Luke Cage one is here.
  • You can find Kal Kent and also the best superhero comics event ever here.
  • Get the Captain America one here.
  • You can get the Judge Dredd one here.
  • The Invincible one can be found here.
  • The Spider-Man one is here.
  • The Destroyer one is here.
  • Okay, that's enough.


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