Construction on a new cannabis dispensary 46-miles south of Twin Falls is moving along as planned, and the business looks to be opening by its target date in the next two weeks. News of the planned opening first broke in mid-July.

The city of Jackpot, Nevada, is getting its first cannabis dispensary in the next couple of weeks. I passed through the city on Labor Day, on my way back from a trip to California, and pulled off of Highway 93 to get a look. The parking lot is currently being built at the site of Thrive Cannabis Marketplace, which is located directly across the street from Four Jacks Hotel & Casino.

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Greg Jannetta
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Greg Jannetta

Thrive Cannabis Marketplace, which will open its doors in the coming days at 1868 Royal Drive, already has multiple locations in Nevada, including Reno and Las Vegas, and plans to open another dispensary in November. I walked to the front of the building on Monday, and could see various signs on the door, with one reading "Masks Required."

Thrive Cannabis Marketplace stocks edibles, flowers, accessories, concentrates, vape pens, and other products. To learn more about the company's mission regarding education, health and safety, click here. The company does offer curbside, as well as delivery of its products at other locations, but it hasn't been confirmed as to whether or not they will in Elko County.

Thrive Cannabis Marketplace is the largest, independently owned, Cannabis company in Nevada.

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