The more I date, the more I realize it's all about compromise...Scratch that, it's all about strategy.  Yeah! 

The other night my boyfriend unwillingly tells me he has a tooth ache.  Unwillingly because he knows I will tell him to" GO TO THE DOCTORS" and get it taken care of dammit!  It's that easy, to me at least.

His side:  he doesn't like the doctors.  It will hurt with pain and hurt with less money in his pocket (even though he pays for health insurance.)

My argument:  Take control of the issue now and you'll be in control of your money and your pain.  Plus the longer you wait the worse it will get.

His wager:  He will get his tooth ache fixed if I get my broken phone fixed.  Basically, I bitch all the time about my phone and sometimes I can't return his calls/texts because of my crap phone.  So I get it, he wants to hear me less.

I've accepted his wager and it's on.  I will get my phone fixed this weekend and his bitch ass better hold up his side of the bargain.  Is this how it is?

What about you?  Is this how your relationship is?  Do you have to strategize just to get the garbage taken out?  Answer this poll for 5,000 Snake VIP Points!

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