One of the things I have noticed about Idaho since moving here in 2016, is the fact people don't seem to cuss a lot in this part of the state. Maybe it's the heavy religious influence, or maybe people in Idaho are just more courteous when they are out in public than in Los Angeles where I grew up.

Well, according to multiple surveys I came across today, that impression of mine is completely $%^%&*(* false. A survey on Thrillist ranks Idaho as being in the top 10 potty-mouthed states. The information, provided by LivePerson, was based on customer chat interactions from more than 500 companies in the US.

Idaho ranked 8th nationally on the list. LivePerson divided the customer support chat obscenities into two categories, "soft," and "hard." Obviously, the harder language contained your "F-WORD" types of communications.

In case you're thinking, well, what does one online survey really prove anyway about Idaho's unsavory language habits, well, the Gem State has shown up on a number of similar surveys throughout the years. For instance, a 2013 Marchex Institute release also determined Idaho's cussing habits to be comparable to states such as California, Ohio, Maryland, Louisiana and New Jersey, to name just a few of the top offenders that landed in the "sailors" category.


Here's an idea for those of you Idahoans who maybe don't have a 401K through your employment, or maybe have found it difficult to maintain a savings account at your bank, perhaps a cursing jar might be the answer to your financial plight. According to surveys like these, it might not be a bad way to get on that path to retirement.

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