If you own a doorbell camera in Twin Falls, it's likely you might have some evidence somewhere hidden regarding some recent crimes reported in the city. From gas siphoning to porch theft, southern Idaho criminals are nonchalantly targeting automobiles and homes and being recorded in the process.

I recently purchased a Ring doorbell camera. I have a neighbor who has some bad habits I'm keeping a close eye on. One of the websites I spend a lot of time on is the Twin Falls County Traffic, News, Crime & Weather Facebook page, because I not only find it beneficial as far as the industry I work in, but it's a great source to keep up with local crime as well.

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We've all heard that as the holidays approach crime goes up. Porch pirating, mail theft, automobile break-ins, and other crimes increase from October through December. A few recent posts to the county crime site detail the actions of a few knuckleheads breaking the law. Gas siphoning is being reported in cities such as Twin Falls and Kimberly, and a pair of hoodie-sporting young men are tempting fate by walking onto people's property late at night and committing petty theft. Modern-day, neighborhood criminals are particularly stupid as more and more homeowners are buying doorbell cameras and archiving their every movement.

Just be aware Magic Valley that crime is up, and these types of infractions are being committed while you sleep. Check your cars for any unusual signs and don't keep valuable items on your front porch. Some Idahoans are making it too easy for these morons to make off with property that isn't theirs.

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