Bigfoot researchers have concluded an investigation into an incident that took place several weeks ago in a Washington city located 570 miles northwest of Twin Falls.

Approximately nine weeks ago a couple spending the night in a cabin near the city of Leavenworth reported an incident they believed could have involved Bigfoot, according to details shared in a report by the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. On multiple evenings, the couple reported banging against the outside walls of the cabin they were occupying. Rocks were found in the area the sounds were originating from by the married couple upon investigation.

"At this point I started to think maybe it was a Bigfoot, but actually hoping not," the wife is quoted as saying in the report. Washington State historically has seen more sightings than any other in the United States. The History Channel did a series on sightings in the state, which was shared on its YouTube channel two weeks ago.

The two were staying in the Bear Paw unit of the Comfy Cabins, just outside of Leavenworth. They also reported finding what appeared to be numerous claw marks on a nearby deck, along with other signs they had been visited by something. They claim the noises, which also included rustling in the woods, happened between 8:00 P.M. and 11:00 P.M.

Highway 2 and Eagle Creek Road, is the general area where the rental cabins are located. The report to the BFRO was investigated by staffer Jeff Sidebottom, who determined the couple to be credible in their claims.

Leavenworth is located 117 miles east of Seattle, in Chelan County.

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