I'll just say right from the start that I'm skeptical of this one. But, judge for yourself. A guy claims he just took a pic of a UFO in Idaho. He's shared his 'evidence' on YouTube.

The guy does not give his name. (I don't blame him) But, his claim is that he took a picture of a flying saucer in Keuterville, Idaho. Don't know where Kueterville is? I didn't either until I looked it up. It's in the boondocks of Idaho, north of McCall.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Here's where this falls down with me. In an amazing turn of events, the very next day he encounters another UFO while traveling on I-70 in Colorado. Crazy luck!

For the Idaho pic, when he zooms in, it almost looks like a weed eater to me. If only aliens would groom my yard. I can dream.

Check out his pics in the video and decide yourself. Fake or should we call Mulder and Scully?

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