The weirdness in Twin Falls is not limited to what us Idahoans do on the ground. If you look up very often - not recommended, by the way - you have probably seen some strange things. Some people take the time to report those things they can't identify. Here are the 5 most recent UFO sightings as recorded by The National UFO Reporting Center.

4 lights, amber to red color, appeared for 15-20 seconds in the west, then disappeared. seen this happen 4 times in the nite sky. A smoke or haze stayed with the lights but didn't follow the direction of the wind that was blowing out of the west. We watched the lights south of twin falls Idaho while hunting deer in the mountains. The lights were large like fire coming out of a jet engine but would also dance in the sky. We estimated the lights to be 2 miles across in a straight line and would all disappear at the same time.

Huge bright light shaped as a tear drop with two tentacles changing into the color red

I looked out the window at 23:00 and I saw a bright light, shaped into a teardrop, with what It seem like two tentacles moving back and forth.

So, I immediately wake up my boyfriend and he says, “Wow, that is strange!”

I couldn’t stop looking at it and I wanted to get closer to it. I grabbed my keys and started to drive towards it, and then it disappeared and reappeared on my right side. It just looked like it was hovering over something and after driving for 15 minutes I decided to turn back.

3 orangish-red oval fireballs above Castleford

As I left my mothers home and headed West into Twin Falls on Kimberly road I noticed 2 white light orbs in the sky above the tree and town skyline.. they were separated by 14 inches in the sky distance and the one on the left was quite a bit higher than the other.

I continued to drive and pulled over 6 different times as I thought I was chasing them or getting closer to them to the West. At the first stop the left object appeared to seperate into 2 white orb objects. As I drove West all 3 objects were moving slowly in a low atmosphere orbit.

Before my third pullover the objects were changed into orangish-red oval orb fireballs. At that point there were 2 objects on the right..(one above and to the left of the other one.)


4 red fireballs near Snake River Canyon.

As I was headed home from work, I noticed a bright light in my front windshield in the upper right hand corner. I pretty much paid no attention and figured it to be the usual aircraft with blinking lights.

After a moment I spotted another bright reddish light object below and to the left of the first one just above the horizon and continuing to follow the first object horizontally and the straight up into the sky. I pulled the car over and observed them both for a few minutes the first one then accelerated a bit and went straight up, thru, into and above the clouds.. I could see it all the way with light of the full moon above. The second object followed the first one's course.

6 orange lights above airport in triangle shape and all disappearing

I was driving home late at night and saw 6 orange lights in 2 triangular formations over the airport. They were moving slowly towards the west then all 6 disappeared at the same time. I have seen the same thing about 12 months ago.

These are just excerpts from the full reports from the National UFO Reporting Center website. You can also read the complete accounts for yourself.

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