Recent unexplained images taken by a southwest Idaho resident have been published by a national reporting center that specializes in investigations of unidentified aerial phenomena.

The National UFO Reporting Center has been investigating claims by citizens of the United States for decades. The center's website includes thousands of published reports from alleged witnesses spanning all 50 states. Recently, an incident report was published that involved the sighting of unidentified aerial phenomena near Boise, Idaho, and also included three pictures of the reported spherical object.

The most recent Idaho UFO incident report for 2022 was published on June 22 and describes a sighting that took place on May 31, 2022, approximately 130 miles northwest of Twin Falls, near the state capital of Boise. The witness claims to have watched the sphere hovering in the sky for 20 minutes. According to incident data, the sighting took place just before 10 P.M. on May 31, but wasn't reported to the NUFORC until June 5.

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The witness reported seeing the image first on a home security monitor prior to taking photographs. Southwestern Idaho is a source for a great number of such reports in an average year, and so far in 2022, there have been 10 reports of such activity in this region of the state.

Another area within this state boundary that gets attention annually for its sightings is near the city of Mountain Home, which houses the Mountain Home Air Force Base. On February 16, an incident was logged by the NUFORC that detailed another sphere-like object that was reportedly chased off by military planes headquartered at the base.

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