I saw a comment that made my head swivel.  The Sawtooth Avalanche Centers says we have midwinter conditions.  Additionally, if you’re in the backcountry, mountains, and hills that receive a lot of sunshine are most at risk.  You’re probably attributing that one to Captain Obvious, but don’t forget that some people think common sense is a name for a pile of pennies.

Snow totals throughout the West are monumental, however.  Throughout much of Idaho, a lot of the cover is very recent.  As in recent weeks.

We can chalk this winter up as an anomaly.  I’m not sure anyone expects a string of similar winters to follow.  Still, it could signal the end of the historic drought in the western states.  The historical record provides a series of lengthy droughts with an average of 30 years in length.   Which means a drought could end after 23 years.  Or 35.  Meaning many more dry years could be ahead.  It’s convenient for the banshees on the left to chalk it all up to climate change. But if the next few years provide relief for the parched country, will the lefties give up their religion?

I watched a video from a TV show called The View, where a lot of fearmongers and shrill screamers incite anger.  One panelist claimed the recent outbreaks of tornadoes are caused by human activity.  But notice she didn’t mention any previous years.  Because she hasn’t bothered to do research.  She just brays like a donkey.  A box of rocks would formulate a better argument.

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