Global warming might be the most hotly debated subject of the twenty-first century. Plant experts are saying that by modifying our gardens with the addition of certain species of flowers it can result in cooling the planet, but these efforts need to be collective.

One of the great things about owning property is planting our own gardens. The desert climate of southern Idaho makes it difficult to grow certain things like citrus trees, but there are plenty of other fruits and vegetables that do grow just fine in these conditions. Plant experts are saying that we can do our part to reduce the global temperature by adding certain climate-friendly species.

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We've had a great deal of success growing things like strawberries, blueberries, pumpkins, peppers, pears, and apples on our property. Gardening is something my family enjoys doing, and if I can attempt to grow plants that have the ability to cool Earth, then I'm totally down to try. Who wouldn't be?

The plant people at say that by adding species such as jasmine, English Ivy, viburnum, fuchsia, bamboo, spindle, and others we can not only make our properties cooler but also fight pollution. We have a ton of ivy on our property but are currently not growing any of the other recommended trees and plants. Planting season has passed for the remainder of 2023, but maybe it's something to think about next April or May.

Would you be willing to modify your Idaho garden for the greater good of the planet?

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