I'm not moving and I don't have any plans to move, yet my house is getting filled with empty boxes. I just know that Christmas is coming and most of the presents I'm going to need to wrap will not be in a geometrically easy shape to wrap. So I'm saving nice square-edged boxes to make my life easier over the next month. I'd make a great cat right now because almost every box I see becomes a box I need to keep.

Do You Hoard Boxes To Wrap Christmas Presents In?

There's a joke that lets you know you are old if you look at boxes and think to yourself 'that's a nice box'. That's me right now. I'm not old though (I tell myself), I'm really just prepping for Christmas. I can't believe that I'm the only one. You do it too, right?

The reason I'm picky about my boxes is that I'm the one who does the Christmas wrapping in my house. If it were up to my wife she would crumple paper around the gifts and use enough tape to make the gift inaccessible without the use of sharp objects. I like the gifts to look pretty and to do that you need a well-shaped box.

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What Makes A Good Christmas Box?

As I write this story even I feel a little ridiculous. Boxes aren't a big deal until you really need them, then it's the end of the world if you don't have one. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not keeping every box I see. Cereal and pop-tart boxes go in the trash. I'm only keeping the actual cardboard boxes with reinforced corrugated sides. I do have standards.

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