Chance Yeh
Chance Yeh, Getty Images

Most people not from Idaho automatically think of potatoes when the state is brought up in conversation, and they should. But did you know some of the highest quality caviar in the world has been produced by Idaho fish handlers for more than 15 years.

Farm raised sturgeon in southern Idaho are unique to others in that the fish are raised on the finest feed, and are housed in facilities that offer populations larger spaces to mature, according to information at Larger size, and unique coloration, have been a result from these types of breeding methods.

Restaurateur and television host David Chang is a regular buyer of Idaho caviar. His love of Idaho caviar was shared in a 2017 feature on Hagerman Valley caviar is apparently offered on menus across the country, including what is considered to be one of the best restaurants in New York, Eleven Madison Park.

For more information on Idaho caviar, click here.

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