We’re supposed to be ashamed.  Estimates are just slightly more than half of Idahoans have gotten the COVID-19 jab.  It’s unlikely the state will make its goal of 70 percent by Independence Day.  Does that mean we’ll be ordered to stay indoors and avoid all human contact July 4th?

It’s time again for another dressing down from the Schoolmarm-in-Chief in the Governor’s office.  “Don’t make me come back there,” he can scold as he calls out the vaccine scofflaws.

Several stories during the last few weeks have explained even a large number of people working in nursing homes and retirement communities are non-vaccinated.  Meanwhile, residents warehoused in these communities overwhelmingly have received a shot in an arm.  So why would the staff need the vaccine if the goal is to protect the old-timers?

Additionally, I know a lot of people who’ve had the virus or believe they’ve had the virus.  I’m told their immunity is roughly the same as that granted by one of the vaccines.

Since we aren’t going to require vaccine passports (this is Idaho, not New Jersey) we’ll simply need to live with the fact many people are going to skip what the Governor recommends.

I might also extrapolate many health professionals aren’t lining up for shots.  Because there are a lot of healthcare professionals working in those previously mentioned old folks’ homes.  These are people who usually want several years of testing before they’re willing to try a new vaccine or medicine.

There was a scientist on television this week and he’s raising the same concerns.  He has also been barred from YouTube but you can still watch him by clicking on this link.  It’s not an unfair question.  Could the cure be worse for some people than a bout with the disease?

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