Looking for Bigfoot in Idaho has its downsides. Here's a great example. This guy goes into the Idaho Wilderness looking for Sasquatch and ends up finding something else entirely.

First, some backstory. This video was shared by the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization. If you've never heard of these guys, they hunt for Bigfoot. One of the guys says he was inspired to do this after his grandfather spotted a Sasquatch near Mount St. Helens back in the 1920's. For you math geniuses, that would make Bigfoot around 60 years old when the volcano blew up. But, that's a story for another day.

Their Idaho investigation, according to the video, was inspired by a Bigfoot sighting in this area 6 days before this video was shot.

I knew it was gonna be good when the video started out with a bear picture. Then, about 2 minutes in, they alter their Bigfoot plan into a bear hunting plan. Around 4:30 in the video, he excitedly states "Jane just saw a big brown-colored bear".

Then, he starts walking toward where the bear was because (and I quote) "That's why I'm back here, to put pressure on him (the bear) to back away from our camp". Strangely, this is not the advice that the National Park Service gives when dealing with bears since that rarely ends well.

Sadly, he does not capture any Bigfoot footage in his video. He did, however, film a deer, a mole and himself at the very end. Fortunately, the bear did not return to the camp and harm the Bigfoot investigator.

For more information (and future bear Bigfoot investigations), you can visit the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization website and subscribe to them on YouTube.

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