Idaho is synonymous with potatoes. It’s something that Idahoans are proud of, but some doctors claim that potatoes are bad for your health.  According to the National Potato Council, Idaho produces more than 13 billion pounds of potatoes each year, and you better believe they’re the best ones around.

Well, it appears that some “smart” people aren’t sold on our spuds. As reported by the big city folks at The Washington Times, there’s enough evidence to suggest that consuming fried potatoes could negatively impact your health. (Gasp!)

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition learned that those who enjoy fried taters at least twice a week could double their chance of dying at an early age. We like to call that, “Living on the edge.”

Listen up, scientists; We don’t eat potatoes because they’re healthy; We eat potatoes because they’re delicious! We’re talking about baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, twice-baked potatoes, French fries, tater tots, tater salad, hash browns, potato skins; the list goes on! If you want to stop us from eating these great Idaho potatoes, you can pry them from our cold dead hands once we die at an early age due to over-consumption of fried potatoes more than twice a week.

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