With extreme temperatures continuing to scorch Idaho statewide, it's not just us humans that are looking for ways to cool off. A recent video from Priest River, Idaho, has gone viral, due to its unlikely wooded pool visitor.

Those small, blue kiddie pools you see stacks of sitting outside stores like Walmart and Target are meant to provide some relief for young children on hot summer days. What they aren't meant for are giant bears. However, one northern Idaho child convinced his folks to leave one in the woods near their home in case any animals needed a drink.

A copy of the video from late-June was shared to YouTube on July 3, and has so far been viewed close to 700 times. The channel Grin and Bear It North Idaho featured the 15-second clip showing a wild bear taking a dunk in the insufficiently-sized kid's pool. The story has been reported on by a number of Idaho news outlets

The excessively panting bear can be seen resting its head on the corner of the plastic, $9.00 pool, which noticeably stretches to maximum capacity and barely supports the weight of the large animal. With drought, and triple-digit temperatures across the state, the small, inexpensive water source must have been a welcomed sight to the bear.

What a compassionate child to want to do something such as this to help the wildlife where he lives. Hopefully that bear is finding some cool water elsewhere today.

Let this video be a reminder of the importance of staying cool and hydrated during hot weather. Both the child, and the bear, had the right idea.

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