Each week during Repeat It Or Delete It Season Three, I’m featuring local/regional bands/musicians. This week, lets meet the band Innerstate.  Most of the band members originally hail from the California area, but now rock here in Idaho.


During my time on the phone with Jason Scott, who goes by J, I found out that J plays guitar and writes the music.  Off air he told me that he spent some time in Nashville and I can tell.  I'd love to hear more music from Innerstate because their sound would fit perfectly into The Snake's normal music rotation.  Great sound, well written, and the song is juicy...I say juicy because it's based on drama...and drama is entertaining....as long as I'm not involved, at least.

Now you can find out exactly what the song means on tonight's show of Repeat It Or Delete It. (Show airs at 6PM on Wednesday, July 25th and Saturday, July 28th here on 98.3 The Snake.)  But first, lets get a taste of J's personality with his answer to my lightning round of questions.

Lighting round questions:

As for Innerstate's music, the song they will feature tonight on Repeat It Or Delete It is called "Taking The Blame" and here it is:

What's that you want more Innerstate? You can get during Week Two of Repeat It Or Delete It when Innerstate takes on Week One Winner Paul Castronova.

Contact J from Innerstate via email: JasonScott350@Frontier.com

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