Aren't you super excited for Friday!? It's Valentine's Day! Yeah, me neither. It seems like a day to set yourself up for failure. We decided long ago in my house that if we were planning anything for Valentine's to not make it a surprise so there wouldn't be any unnecessary expectations or tears when the expectations weren't met. Do you do something similar or is your Valentine's Day gift a surprise?

I know that makes me sound extremely un-romantic (which maybe I am), but it is definitely for the better! You can rack your brain and stress yourself out trying to create the perfect day or moment, but in the end it is all contingent upon how your partner reacts. If anything at any point in time during the day leading up to the surprise goes wrong it could totally derail the awesomeness of your surprise. So what I prefer is to be straight and tell my wife the plans so that if anything goes wrong early on - at least she know she has something to look forward theory.

According to a new survey, more than half of people say they know what they're getting for Valentine's Day!  And surprise or not - for most of the women, it'll be extreme disappointment.

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